Grasp skills of bridesmaid dresses color choosing

posted on 21 Oct 2015 09:55 by dressesforau

Blue: blue is very pure and fresh and very dignified color, more suitable for spring and summer, if it is a pure Chinese style theme wedding please bypass.

Blue bridesmaid dresses

Grey system, grey dress is special, it is a rarely seen in the Chinese wedding color, gray dress is suitable for outdoor lawn wedding, handled well on fabrics and details will highlight temperament, can appear otherwise dull old mannish.

Grey bridesmaid dresses

Purple: purple is a very bright eye color, skin yellow bridesmaid please give up. If you choose the purple dress, please in dress design and detail things simple, otherwise it will give a person very the feeling of heavy and complicated. Purple is suitable for autumn winter season.

Purple bridesmaid dresses

Green: green is a very pure and fresh and natural color, very suitable for the skin white bridesmaid, if skin yellow, partial black bridesmaid please bypass. In addition to pay attention to understand local marriage customs of the color of the note, lest cause misunderstanding.

Green bridesmaid dresses

Pink, mei red, pink, mei red belong to warm color, it is very bright color, often make the bridesmaid touching mingyan. If choose pink, then on the style and detail as far as possible concise, not too loud, on the one hand, reduce the class on the one hand have a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role.

Pink bridesmaid dresses

Black: black, this is not conform to the color of the customs of marriage in China, but for personality alternative wedding, is also a good choice, if match the color of the other, also can have unexpected effect. Don't pick color of skin, black also not pick shape, and the four seasons are available.


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