Chanel strapless lace dresses

posted on 06 Jan 2016 13:01 by dressesforau

Back to CoutureGRAM series! If you haven't read these posts yet, I am occasionally featuring in-detail images of couture garments I find on the web. Occasionally, because it is not easy to find detailed shoots of couture garments. This lace wedding dresses was posted on ebay, and it is undoubtedly a couture piece. So, why don't we learn something new from the few available details. Luckily, there is a fair use doctrine that allows us to do just this.

Back to the dress. It is a simple, slightly flared silhouette, and you can see that the dress has seen better times. But for me, it was interesting to see how the closure was treated on lace and lining layers, and the innards of the dress foundation, with boning and breast padding. Enjoy!