Characteristics of wedding dress fabric

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Dress dress mainly adopts the fabrics of silk taffeta, silk organza, real silk crepe satin and silk jacquard tapestry satin, satin, silk gauze, rice added, Taiwan days silk and silk chiffon, organza, satin, imports of flexible pipe, satin drill, shandong doupion silk, silk fabric, silk knit, cotton silk doupion, mulberry silk silk gauze, real silk knit, heavy silk, lace.

One-shoulder Court Train Ball-gown Wedding Dress

One-shoulder Court Train Ball-gown Wedding Dresses

With high grade silk silk taffeta: after degumming of yarn-dyed silk taffeta fabric in plain weave. Fine clean smooth taffeta silken face, very beautiful, good luster, fabrics, feel is proofed, closely color shade downy and bright. Mainly used to do some morning, wedding dress and popular.

Full-length Ball-gown Strapless Bridal Gown Organza

Full-length Ball-gown Strapless Organza Wedding Dresses

Satin, satin weave fabrics, is a kind of fabric weaving process is relatively complex. Thick fabric. Cloth cover smooth delicate, rich luster. Satin: Taiwan imports thick satin, thick fabric, hang down feeling good, pure color. Doupion silk: woven silk doupion silk material. It has a natural bumps lines, flash, rugged, thick, crisp, unique style, unique, popular people's favorite.

Chapel Train Ball Gown Bateau Bow Beaded Wedding Dress

Chapel Train Ball Gown Bateau Bow Beaded Wedding Dresses

Weaving shantung: refers to the use of hand tools, practice the whole, and has the nature of a knot in one's pattern and pearly luster of silk tussah silk pulp. Because of its style bold, rich, quality of a material is solid, feel soft and plump, moisture absorption heat preservation, the Oriental art characteristics and performance of green environmental protection, enjoy high reputation in the world. Real silk brocade: front light with a satin, opposite with the crepe effect of crepe DE chine and the thick than on crepe DE chine feeling some silk fabrics.

Ball Gown Court Train Strapless Wedding Dresses

Ball Gown Court Train Strapless Wedding Dresses

Heavy silk, with twice the ordinary real silk fabrics with silk, spun by the special craft. Besides has the general characteristics of silk fabrics, also has not shrink, crisp, easy to wait for a characteristic, is an ideal fabric for ladies' suit. Silk organza: is a kind of silk fabrics series category, itself a certain hardness, easy to shape, feel is smooth, is widely used in wedding dress, dress production.

Bateau Ball Gown Cathedral Train Bow Wedding Dresses

Bateau Ball Gown Cathedral Train Bow Wedding Dresses

Silk gauze: also called the gauze, gauze in mulberry silk as warp/weft. Silken face crepe and transparent, feel very slightly hard, clear hole in the fabric. Silk yarn, tencel) : it is one of the major international designers favor fabrics. In international T stage blossom extraordinary light. The drape fabric texture thin, soft, natural, close skin feels good, give a person a kind of dynamic flowing out of the dust.

Sweetheart Ball Gown Court Train Bride Dress With Sash

Sweetheart Ball Gown Court Train Sash Wedding Dresses

Silk chiffon: also known as real silk georgette, silk georgette crepe, based on strong twist crepe via a silk, crepe weft knitting, quality of a material is thin and transparent, soft comfortable feel elastic, qing jie quietly elegant appearance, good permeability and drapability, dressed in elegant, comfortable.

V-Neck Ball Gown Court Train Bride Dresses With Beading

V-Neck Ball Gown Court Train Cheap Wedding Dresses 2016

Lace, embroidery fabrics. Originally as auxiliary materials to use, with a finely crafted sense of luxury, and reflect the characteristics of romantic breath, recently as main ingredient, often is the common use of the delicate wedding dress fabrics, its unique craftsmanship with sewing beads can show the most noble temperament.